Cultural Safaris

The masai tribe at Olpopongi cultural village Tanzania

Experience authentic cultural experience in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania with the locals. We give you a chance to explore the real African culture during our trips, interact and mingle with the local communities and learn their way of life.

Uganda alone has over 56 tribes all with a diversity of cultures in their way of life from dressing, cooking dancing and language. You will get to interact with the Batwa pygmies, Karamojong, Baganda, Basoga, Bagisu, Batooro, Bakiga, Banyoro and Banyankole and more.

Kenya is also not a homogeneous country ethnicity wise. The make-up of Kenyans is primarily that of 13 ethnic groups with an additional 27 smaller groups. The majority of Kenyans belong to ‘Bantu’ tribes such as the Kikuyu, Luhya and Kamba. There are also the ‘Nilotic’ tribes such as the Luo, Kalenjin, Maasai and Turkana. The ‘Hamitic’ people include the Turkana, Rendille and Samburu. Around 13% of the population are of non-African descent, i.e. Indian, Arab and European.

The Tanzania culture is Swahili, an Arab/African mix, but there are also big Asian communities, particularly Indian, in towns and cities. Tribes inhabit rural areas, including the Maasai of the Great Rift Valley of the north. It is okay to photograph the locals, but always ask first. Some Maasai will charge you for this.

Zanzibar is predominantly Muslim so attention to dress is paramount and women should always keep knees and shoulders covered. Guides and cooks on safaris expect to be tipped, as do waiters in city restaurants (typically 10 percent). Tanzanians are big on shaking hands and small talk.

The culture of Rwanda is varied. Unlike many countries in Africa, Rwanda has been a unified state since pre-colonial times, populated by the Banyarwanda people who share a single language and cultural heritage. Music and dance are an essential part of Rwandan ceremonies, celebration, social gatherings and storytelling.

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